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To become a pioneer in wealth management in Mongolian financial market representing foreign and domestic investors.


Optimum solutions at the right time


“RedBeryl Investment & Management (REDIM)” LLC carries out its activities in the area of wealth management and advisory services. Our services include:

  • Wealth management  

  • Trust management 

  • Manage Special Purpose Entity 

  • Administer asset backed securities 

We fully contribute our time and resources in order to understand our clients’ goals, businesses and expectations.

Our goal is to promote multinational investments, connecting Mongolian companies with international organizations, helping foreign investors to invest and implement projects in Mongolia. 

The operational principles are to assist companies and enterprises with a potential to grow in the future and need investment to increase their values and to improve their contribution to the economical development of Mongolia.

REDIM LLC employs professionals with investment and finance degrees who have overseas work experience.

REDIM LLC focuses on diversifying the Mongolian economy, increasing domestic industry, growing export volume, developing project proposals based on foreign market demand that reflect advanced technology solutions, and attracting investments and working to improve their productivity.

Over the past  years, our Company has been providing the above mentioned services to domestic companies and enterprises. As part of our investment services, we focused on aligning our clients’ interests with the benefits and profitability that Investors require by achieving integrated position of medium and long-term mutual beneficial interests and strengthening their cooperation.

Our company has a quality assurance structure in place where a professional review committee provides feedback and comments on ongoing engagements based on their respective backgrounds. Our quality assurance structure provides us with a confidence that our services are of top-notch quality.

In the past we have successfully solved our client’s financial distress by way of increasing their foreign sourced revenue generation and by restructuring their high-interest short-term loans with debt-to-equity swaps and/or working capital financing. We have assisted start-up companies by raising funds from strategic investors based on optimal debt-to-equity ratio model of shares and loan funding.






Commercial Experience: 24 years


Work Experience

  • Previously held roles at Golomt Bank and Bodi International Company as the Head of Legal Department from 1996 to 2001.

  • Worked as Attorney-at-Law in 2001-2006 and has extensive practice in Corporate, Banking & Finance, Investment Fund, Security and Mining Law 

  • Led the legal department of NIBank and was broadly involved in development of Investment Banking service for 5 years since 2006. 

  • Served as an independent director of Khot Infrastructure Holdings listed in Canadian Stock Exchange from 2010 to 2018.

  • Has been leading NIM company since 2016.

  • Certified Capital Markets Professional


Executive Director 

Commercial Experience: 11 years


Work Experience

  • For the past 10 years worked for an investment fund from New York, specifically for their Mongolian investment portfolio.

  • Served in the Board of Directors of various Mongolian Stock Exchange listed companies in mining, infrastructure development, manufacturing, tourism, etc.  

  • Worked as the Executive Director for Novus Stone LLC, which had an exclusive consulting and management agreement with the investment fund.  

  • Had experiences of working as Chairman of Bekh Uul JSC, Chief Financial Office (CFO) of HBOil JSC, and Chairman of REAB LLC. 

ZOLMAA Magsarjav

Managing director


Commercial Experience: 6 years


Work Experience

  • National Investment Bank 

  • National Investment Management 

BATZAYA Khookhloi

Risk manager

Commercial Experience: 19 years


Work Experience

  • B&G Finance NBFI

  • Frankfurt Capital NBFI

  • Good Boys LLC

NOMIN Dorjmyagmar

Loan portfolio and asset specialist

Commercial Experience: 4 years


Work Experience

  • National Investment Bank 

  • National Investment Management

KHADAA Tsoodolsuren


Commerical Experience: 6 years


Work Experience

  • Mongol Post Bank

  • Savings Bank, Mongolia

  • State Bank

  • Compass Consulting LLC

UUGANTSETSEG Erdenechuluun

Internal monitoring

Commercial experience: 9 years


Work Experience

  • Legacy Group LLC 

  • Citizens' Justice NGO 

  • Ikh Zasag International University 

  • The State Public Management Academy 


Evolving wealth management company focused on the growth sectors of the economy






#1501, Ayud Tower, 15F, Olympic 5 Street,

1st khoroo, Sukhbaatar district,

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tel: +976-77887070



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