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REDIM is motivated to provide wealth management and advisory services to help our clients enhance their market value. We possess the experience, resources, strong relationships and the proper analytical approach necessary to manage the client’s strategic decisions. In delivering our services, we aim to  maintain core competency and meeting your expectations by building consensus on both sides.



  • Wealth managament 

  • Portfolio Management and Monitoring

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Over our firm's history, we have helped our client companies grow through all kinds of 


Our Company carries out market research and analysis


We offer trust management services in both domestic and foreign investors. Throughout the process of developing, structuring and closing middle market deals, RedBeryl Investment & Management works closely with financial intermediaries, management teams, and independent equity sponsors. In all cases, we are committed to working with management to tailor strategies for the development of long-term, successful companies and the realization of optimal growth.


Our services include:

  • Trust management

  • Asset management

  • Manage Special Purpose Entities

  • Administer asset backed securities



Our Company carries out market research and analysis as well as studies on the competitors and products of different sectors per the clients’ requests. Furthermore, our research studies are not only limited to the business sector. We carry out social policy studies as part of our social responsibility. For instance, we have carried out a survey of the patients who have hepatitis C and D viruses among the population of Kazakhstan with the cooperation of NGO in 2017 and signed MedMart, Clinical Diagnostic Laboraty of Kazakhstan, to develop a program to prevent, decrease or eliminate the number of patients suffering from these illnesses.  

Over our firm's history, we have helped our client companies grow through different types of economic cycles, market conditions, and business circumstances.

In addition to domestic clients, we also work with international investors who want to explore the vast land of opportunities that is within Mongolia. Whether you require information, in-depth research or investment consulting, we are happy to be your bridge to this emerging economy full of promise.

Executive Auditing 

Executive auditing service is provided to protect investors and to create trustworthy relationship between the management and shareholders. It investigates every single contract and agreement in depth to find out any conflict of interest or decisions that were made to benefit the management rather than the business.

External auditing service usually checks if the accounting and bookkeeping was implemented according to the law and regulations. On the other hand, internal auditing is usually intended to find out conflicts of interest or wrongdoings in decision making, however in Mongolia the internal auditing department is usually directly under the supervision of the management. Therefore, in the most cases it is difficult to fully trust internal auditing conclusions.


Executive auditing is a different type of auditing, that we provide to protect our investors and help them to understand the operations as well as to have a trustworthy understanding with the management team.


Based on our team’s research and analysis we provide recommendations to investors’ for achieving their business objectives as well as understanding the underlying foundations of business operations in Mongolia. At REDIM, we have combined over 20 years of experience of consulting investors around the world.


We work closely with the management to understand their specific challenges and unique needs. Through our rigorous research, ability to think differently and analytical firepower we enable companies to make informed decisions. Our thoughtful advice helps clients identify and pursue strategic alternatives, devise schemes to enhance their value, and develop new ideas and deeper perspective regarding specific businesses and the relevant industry sectors.


Tax Advisory 

By providing this service, we provide solutions to tax related questions and confusions that investors and business owners may have. As the service provider, we are usually retained to minimize taxation while remaining compliant with the law in complicated financial situations.   


Our tax advisor is a financial expert with advanced training and knowledge of tax accounting and tax law. In addition, our expert has over 25 years of working in the tax related government and private institutions and has license for providing tax advisory service in Mongolian, Russian and English languages.

Insurance Advisory 

Insurance is a crucial part of any business to have financial protection against future losses that may occur. To have the best and customized insurance plans it requires an expert knowledge to offer specialized financial guidance and advice, professional analysis, utilizing knowledge of tax investment strategies, assessing clients' financial portfolios, and analyzing clients' risk.


Our insurance advisor has experience of working in the insurance sector for 23 years and well-qualified to provide this service in Mongolian and English.






Project Management Of Energy

Additional Investment Recapitalization

Equity Private Placement


SMDD company

Khot Infrastructure Holding

Private Placement


“Mongolia Agriculture Development Group” LLC


Crop farming and Intensive Livestock Farming Project




Financial Advisory Service in cooperation with Japan International Cooperation Agency:

Consultation on the operation and management structure of Ulaanbaatar's new international airport in partnership with Grant Thornton Audit LLC.



  1. Cooperated with Invescore NBFI and Microcredit NBFI to launch Mongolia’s first asset backed security (ABS). REDIM's assets under management currently equals to 1.4 million USD.

  2. Non Banking Financial Institution in Petroleum Sector 

  3. Re-capitalization of Non-performing Loans of Mongolian Commercial Banks through the China-Beijing Equity Exchange  (CBEX Group) under Exclusive Authority Granted by the CBEX to NIM.



  1. Project Investment for Wool Processing Plant in Industrial Park at Baganuur District 

  2. Investment Project for Leather Processing Plant

  3. Investment Project for Producing and Exporting Buckwheat and Flour

  4. Project to Introduce Chevalait Company’s (France) Mare’s Milk Processing Know-how to Mongolia


  1. Import and Sales of Japanese Medicines and Pharmaceutical Products

  2. Project for Establishing a Joint Venture Factory in Alma-Ata city, Kazakhstan under the Hepatitis C Reduction Program


  1. Construction of a Storage Facility with a Total Area of 1,000 m2 that has Special Heat And Temperature Controls

  2. Ger (shanty) Area Re-planning Project


Petroleum Production LLC

Feasibility Study For

Petroleum Products Manufacturing and Its Additional Funding





#1501, Ayud Tower, 15F, Olympic 5 Street,

1st khoroo, Sukhbaatar district,

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tel: +976-77887070



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